Registration Form for Tulsa Oklahoma Virtual Expo August 27th-28th 2020                             Online Event

Don't miss out on our upcoming virtual vendor event. We will have online vendor booths set up in numerous industries. Filled with representatives that you can network with, purchase from and build relationships with all from the comfort of your computer.

We offer free registration options for our guests and a low cost vendors fee for our business owners. 

Why Visit Our Virtual Expo?

This virtual expo will host a number of virtual booths from our leading vendors that are filled with useful products and technology information. Visit our learning events to further business or personal development.


Did Someone Say " Trips & Prizes "?

Visit our Virtual Expo and chat with exhibitors, view content and win trips and prizes.  Gift Cards, Electronics and more.

Join Our Event As A Guest

The Virtual Event Will Include:

Makeup Battle 
Hair Show
Fashion Show
Cooking classes
SBA Class
 Real Estate
Business and personal credit 
Virtual Paint in Sip for Singles
Virtual Paint for Couples 
Makeup Tutorial 
Wig Tutorial 
Natural hair Tutorial

Topics Discussed:

TEEN Sex Traffic 
Relationship expert: Teaching Men How To Be Men in a Relationship 
Mental Health
Where do we go from here in the NFL 
Education: Is charter schools better then Public Schools 
Black Truth about the Corona Virus
Local Summit of those running in the local race District 1, 2, 3
Grooming Class For Men